Shaggoth early greenstuffing

Couple of pics of the shaggoth so far. It’s looking a little skinny at the moment compared to the stegadon body but the plan is to build the chest out about twice as much as it is so far to get it into the right position. The back is in the right place. I’ve only put the muscles on the front so as to get a feel of the positioning and to know more how much i’m going to have to build up the lizard section towards the torso.


Early models

Some Work in progress shots of some of the models i’ve been working on for the display.

Below is the first troll model i’ve made. It’s based on the plastic ogres, cold ones, chaos spawn and saurus. The idea being that the trolls in the army are like devolved dragon ogres that have sucumbed to chaos and have mutated. There’s still a decent amount of work needed in filling in between the components and scupting some new detail, especially on the cold one body to get rid of the saddle.

Next is the dragon ogre shaman. The rules are using a chaos sorcerer on a daemonic mount to give it a profile and size that matches the rest of the army. The plan for this one is to sculpt some armour over the orc and cold one sections to account for the chaos armour he has. In general i’m not too sure about the model though. I think the pose is a little awkward just using the arms as they are so they might need repositioning a bit. I’m not sure about the size either. What i’ll probably do is work a bit more on him but start producing an alternate model alongside and see which works out best.

Lastly, some very early pics of the Shaggoth model that is at the back of the board tearing down some castle walls.  There isn’t much I can say about this until i’ve done a bit more apart from hoping I’ve got the legs positioned right. I won’t know that though until I start sculpting them. The head is going to be the stegadon head without the large crest but i’m still not sure for the body if I should try and use something as a base or try sculpting it myself but that can wait for the time being.


Here are some pics of some of the buildings. All are made from a foam card base and are shown in various states of construction.

A couple of overview shots:

And here is a pic of the building on the far right of the board. Since this is one of the smallest buildings with several levels i’ve been using this one to test out how I want the large buildings to look.

Once the panelling is finished there is a bit more sculpting needed on the brickwork then it’s on to thinking about details. The roof will have to wait until i’ve decided on how the models that will be stood on them will be attached.

The Plan

When I was planning how I wanted the army to look I ran into some problems. Because I wanted a lot of movement and interaction between the models and the scenery I couldn’t just jump in and start converting the troops right away. Some of them would be in the streets, some in the rubble and I wanted some actually pulling down parts of the terrain. When planning out an army list i’d also included a couple of units of warhounds and fancied having some of them jumping across rooftops so it was clear the terrain building and converting the army would have to be done at the same time.


This is the plan for the layout for the base the army will be posed on. There is a castle wall along the back right edge and the sides are blocked in with buildings. The idea is that the shaggoths and dragon ogres have pulled down part of the castle wall and stormed into the town destroying the buildings as they go.

The next step is going to be constructing some of the buildings and making some test models for each of the troop types. I can get on with making some of the individual bases for the models too as these need to be built before I can convert the legs properly so they’re standing as part of the rubble instead of just balancing on areas.


I’ve been playing Warhammer for quite a while now and I think it’s a rather sad state of affairs that I still don’t have an army i’m happy with. I’ve been to the GT a few times (with High Elves and Slaaneshi Daemons) and for the most part any army i’ve taken has been a rushed paint job completed in the weeks or days before the tournament itself. It’s a familiar tale that most will have experienced themselves but hiding from my own army when the judges walk round is not an experience I care to repeat.

In light of this i’ve had an idea for an army i’d like to model for a while. The first art of the inspiration for this was being able to wander the streets of Praag in the brief time I played Warhammer Online, that it would make a good basis for a setting. The second was that i’ve always played fast armies where movement was more the key and a wrong step would cost dear. I fancied a change to the type of army that was more a blunt hammer where the basic strength of troops was higher than 3 and would be able to fight an enemy that wasn’t made of paper itself with some kind of reliability.

Trolls are probably an odd choice then when claiming to want reliability but the Warriors of Chaos book offers what I was looking for. You can make a whole army of big stuff for a start, and after all dragons and things were part of the reason I got into Warhammer to begin with. But also there’s Dragon Ogres which are just cool.

The aim of this then is to document my attempt to create an army to take to the GT at the end of the year that I might actually be proud of for once.