I’ve been playing Warhammer for quite a while now and I think it’s a rather sad state of affairs that I still don’t have an army i’m happy with. I’ve been to the GT a few times (with High Elves and Slaaneshi Daemons) and for the most part any army i’ve taken has been a rushed paint job completed in the weeks or days before the tournament itself. It’s a familiar tale that most will have experienced themselves but hiding from my own army when the judges walk round is not an experience I care to repeat.

In light of this i’ve had an idea for an army i’d like to model for a while. The first art of the inspiration for this was being able to wander the streets of Praag in the brief time I played Warhammer Online, that it would make a good basis for a setting. The second was that i’ve always played fast armies where movement was more the key and a wrong step would cost dear. I fancied a change to the type of army that was more a blunt hammer where the basic strength of troops was higher than 3 and would be able to fight an enemy that wasn’t made of paper itself with some kind of reliability.

Trolls are probably an odd choice then when claiming to want reliability but the Warriors of Chaos book offers what I was looking for. You can make a whole army of big stuff for a start, and after all dragons and things were part of the reason I got into Warhammer to begin with. But also there’s Dragon Ogres which are just cool.

The aim of this then is to document my attempt to create an army to take to the GT at the end of the year that I might actually be proud of for once.


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