The Plan

When I was planning how I wanted the army to look I ran into some problems. Because I wanted a lot of movement and interaction between the models and the scenery I couldn’t just jump in and start converting the troops right away. Some of them would be in the streets, some in the rubble and I wanted some actually pulling down parts of the terrain. When planning out an army list i’d also included a couple of units of warhounds and fancied having some of them jumping across rooftops so it was clear the terrain building and converting the army would have to be done at the same time.


This is the plan for the layout for the base the army will be posed on. There is a castle wall along the back right edge and the sides are blocked in with buildings. The idea is that the shaggoths and dragon ogres have pulled down part of the castle wall and stormed into the town destroying the buildings as they go.

The next step is going to be constructing some of the buildings and making some test models for each of the troop types. I can get on with making some of the individual bases for the models too as these need to be built before I can convert the legs properly so they’re standing as part of the rubble instead of just balancing on areas.


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