More Shaggoth Sculpting

Done a bit more on the shaggoth over the last few days. Mostly this has been bulking out the basics of the torso I added in the previous pics. I still think it needs to be made a bit bigger but its getting there. Another layer of green stuff over the back and the front should see it about right.

I’ve also started on the stomach area, a bit of a leg and added the base for the spines along it’s shoulders and neck. I did have a go at adding a spike but it’s a bit lumpy and i’m not happy with it. I’ll have to have a play around and see if I can come up with a way to make them reliably that doesn’t take an age since nearly every model is going to need the same work doing.

The only problem I have with the model so far is that he’s leaning a bit to left. This wasn’t going to be a problem because I thought I might have him leaning round one of the buildings but I have a feeiling given he’s turning out bigger than I expected the rear legs aren’t going to have a lot of space and it’s going to look like he’s squatting down. In addition i’ve changed how I wan’t to position the front legs. At first I was going to have them shaped the same as the rear legs, but I think it will be better having them more half arm half leg which means the paper clips have the wrong joints in them.  The downside to pulling him off and repositioning him is that he’ll end up taller which in itself wouldn’t be a problem if I didn’t want the Kholek model bigger than this shaggoth.