Dark Eldar

Thanks to the changes to 8th edition Warhammer and GW’s GT changes the troll army doesn’t really work that well anymore. Units need banners to not have to forfeit 1 game in 6 and the changes to character points mean that while I was planning 2000pts Kholec can’t be used in any game under 2500pts.

I still plan on working on the models i’ve started as it’s a fun army and could still be used in some form just not how it was originally envisioned. Some more greenstuffing has been done on the shaggoth in the form of scales but it’s not really much to take some pictures of.

With the new Dark Eldar being released i’ve decided to start some mostly for painting but possibly for gaming too. Ive not played 40k properly in years and I don’t really want more piles of unpainted models so it’s strictly going to be only buying more once the current models are painted.

Work in progress so far:


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