Returning to 40k

I’ve not played Warhammer 40,000 properly for long time now. It was actually the game I started off with back at the start of 2nd edition with an Ork army and then Chaos Marines but when the game changed to 3rd edition I lost a lot of interest and was lured over to fantasy battle instead.

That’s not to say I didn’t still play now and then and while a lot of the changes streamlined areas of the game that took far too long (I’m looking at you close combat and psychic power phases) I felt it was a step too far in many ways. Also the increasing focus on Space Marines, as cool as they are, I feel is a little boring for how the game looks.

Things being how they are, there are of course models and armies that have caught my eye in the intervening time (Dark Eldar being the most notable). Combine that with the new edition and I’ve started getting a lot more enthusiasm to get back to playing and painting.

So far I’ve played 2 games of the new edition. The first was using models to represent a Dark Eldar force against a friends Salamander Space Marines and was very much a game to get both of us up to speed on the new rules. As such, a bunch of things were got wrong but it was fun all same and ended up a draw.

The 2nd game was played at my local gaming club and was part of a campaign so ended up 2000pts of my Space Marines against an alliance of Chaos Marines and Orks. This ended up being a loss largely thanks to Ork Battlewagons being immune to my lascannon fire.

Overall I’m quite positive about both getting back to playing and the new edition of the game. Where as before I was looking to probably sell off most of what I had I’m now more looking at how I can turn many of the bits I have around into proper armies again, although I guess it’s debatable if that’s a good thing or not.


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