Daemons of Chaos thoughts

The new Daemons of Chaos book came out yesterday and I managed to get my first game in versus a friends Skaven. I mostly tried to fit in my Slaanesh only army into the new list while trying out some of the new toys available to me such as the chariots and the Soul Grinder. So some broad thoughts.

Sadly I rolled a 7 for almost every turn for my winds of magic rolls so I didn’t see much impact of the Reign of Chaos table so I can’t comment on that too much. Gift wise I don’t mind the random rolls as it more tweaks what the Herald in question is capable of rather than completely changing how you’ll use them. That said I think given that you’re restricted to only choosing magic weapons from the rule book there should have been at least 1 defensive based gift for each god as well as the weapons.

I ended up placing the Soul Grinder on the flank and I think this was completely the wrong place. I had upgraded it’s weapon to the Baleful Torrent but it only managed to fire this once before it ended up in combat so I think this was a waste of points. Even if you take the stone thrower option and keep it away from combat you’re still paying 300pts for a stone thrower which definitely isn’t worthwhile. If I use it again i’ll keep it to the minimum of it’s points and run it down the middle of the board and use it draw some attention away from the Keeper of Secrets.

In general I don’t think much has changed. Cheaper Daemonettes and Seekers is offset by more expensive Fiends and Heralds and as with any army that is fast and fragile you have to hit where it counts or you find your units melting away. I’m not sure about the Lore of Slaanesh compared to the old one yet. The lore attribute is nice but combined with the Inspiring Presence and BSB bubbles you can’t spread out as much as movement would allow if you want to make the most from all the units. Magic and Shooting heavy Empire is probably going to be the hardest match up, especially if they have Lore of Light, while any army relying on lots of ranked troops will be easier to deal with. I’m looking forward to getting more games in though after a bit of time off playing 40k.



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