Basing for both Warhammer and 40k (and getting the most out of my models)

Depending on how you look at it, one of the great things about Daemons is that they’re usable in both Warhammer and 40k. The issue with this is base shapes. While you need square bases for Warhammer to rank models up in 40k it just doesn’t look quite right. I had looked into just basing my Daemons on round bases and then using movement trays but that creates some issues when it comes to changing formations.

I have messed about a bit with magnets when it comes to movement trays for my High Elves and I’ve used some smaller ones for swapping weapons on my Dark Eldar so though I might as well try out a few ways of allowing me to swap bases.

So here is a plastic Daemonette glued to a 10mm diameter magnet then filled in a bit with green stuff before sand is added.


One of each type of base with the magnet glued to it then surrounded by green stuff. The next stage on these will be to raise the green stuff up around the magnet the model is attached to so it fits inside and is less noticable.


And here is the current base with the Daemonette standing on top.

Daemonette on Base

The issue with using a large magnet is that i’m relying on the glue to hold them together. This isn’t such an issue with the plastic models but with larger metal ones I feel they might end up breaking off often so I might have to try a different method for them such as more smaller magnets in combination with pins.


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