Basing & Chaos Marine Colour Scheme Test

Continuing on from my previous post about the bases for my Daemons i’ve added an extra layer of green stuff to the bases so the magnet the Daemonette model is attached to sits inside more. I’m quite happy with the result so far and I think the next step will be to try it on one of the metal Daemonettes to see if the weight makes any difference. There is a lot of pull between the magnets but the plastic model seems very secure so it shouldn’t be an issue.

Exciting photos of bases with sand on them:

Sanded magnetic bases

Magnetic Daemonette on base

I’ve also been trying out a colour scheme on some Chaos Space Marines. They were my 2nd army I collected in 40k and so I have a lot of models hanging around of various ages. Most of the army is Tzeentch but that doesn’t fit in very well with the other chaos forces being Slaanesh. Seeing as none of it is finished anyway and those that are are from 10-15 years ago I don’t mind re-purposing them.

This is the test model I painted for my Daemons when I first started them and i’m still happy with the colour scheme.

Test Daemonette

I also quite fancied some Chaos Warriors with white armour so with the allies rules in 40k and these rules being likely to be introduced to the next edition Warhammer it makes sense to use the Daemons as the core with Chaos Space Marine or Chaos Warrior allies depending on the game. With careful planning I might be able to use some of the same character models between both too which would be a good excuse for some custom models.

Slaanesh CSM test

Slaanesh CSM term test

The purple looks a little more grey on the pics so with the white armour and no detail they look a little bland but i’m quite happy with the result on the actual models. Next step will be to come up with a colour scheme I like for the weapons and then see what I can cobble together to make a full unit. In the hurry to get stuff assembled I always regret not coming up with some kind of really distinctive basing so I should probably have a think about that as well. Fortunately I need to buy some more magnets before I can go any further.


Basing for both Warhammer and 40k (and getting the most out of my models)

Depending on how you look at it, one of the great things about Daemons is that they’re usable in both Warhammer and 40k. The issue with this is base shapes. While you need square bases for Warhammer to rank models up in 40k it just doesn’t look quite right. I had looked into just basing my Daemons on round bases and then using movement trays but that creates some issues when it comes to changing formations.

I have messed about a bit with magnets when it comes to movement trays for my High Elves and I’ve used some smaller ones for swapping weapons on my Dark Eldar so though I might as well try out a few ways of allowing me to swap bases.

So here is a plastic Daemonette glued to a 10mm diameter magnet then filled in a bit with green stuff before sand is added.


One of each type of base with the magnet glued to it then surrounded by green stuff. The next stage on these will be to raise the green stuff up around the magnet the model is attached to so it fits inside and is less noticable.


And here is the current base with the Daemonette standing on top.

Daemonette on Base

The issue with using a large magnet is that i’m relying on the glue to hold them together. This isn’t such an issue with the plastic models but with larger metal ones I feel they might end up breaking off often so I might have to try a different method for them such as more smaller magnets in combination with pins.

Dark Eldar vs Salamanders

Tonight I played a 2000pt game against a Salamander themed Space Marine army using the Dark Eldar to give me some ideas about how I want to pin down my list. Rather than just picking units based on who i’m playing against or just getting random units and then writing a new list for every game I tend to write a list based around what I want the army to look or play like. While there will be some minor tweaking, especially with a new list, it will stay broadly the same and unless there are some major changes such as a new edition or army book I might be using the same list for several years.

The Dark Eldar range is fantastic and while i’d like an army with a Wych or Wrack theme I decided to start off with a purely Kabalite force. My list for tonights game then was:

Archon (Huskblade, Soul Trap, Combat Drugs, Clone Field, Ghostplate)

4 Incubi (Klaivex, Bloodstone, Onslaught) + Venom

5 Incubi (Klaivex, Demi-klaives, Onslaught, Bloodstone) + Venom

10 Warriors (Blaster, Splinter Cannon) + Raider

10 Warriors (Blaster, Splinter Cannon) + Raider

5 Warriors (Blaster) + Venom

5 Warriors (Blaster) + Venom

5 Scourges (2x Haywire Blaster)

5 Scourges (2x Splinter Cannon)

Ravager (Nightshields, Dark Lances)

Ravager (Nightshields, Disintegrator Cannons)

Voidraven Bomber (Nighshields, Flickerfield, 2x Implosion Missiles, 2x Shatterfield Missiles)

Venoms (Nightshields, Splinter Cannon)

Raiders (Nightshields, Splinter Racks, Dark Lance)

My opponents army was Salamander themed so had Vulcan and lots of melta and flamer weapons:

Vulcan with a Tactical Squad with Power Fist, Melta gun and Missile Launcher. 2 Units of 10 Scouts one with sniper rifles and a missile launcher and the other with boltguns and a heavy bolter plus a melta combi on the sergeant. A scout speeder with a multi-melta, Assault Terminators in a Land Raider Redeemer. An Ironclad Dreadnought. Thunderfire Cannon and 10 Sternguard with 2 Heavy Flamers and 6 melta combi weapons. The Tactical Squad, Sternguard and Dreadnought had Drop Pods.

The Mission was Purge the Alien and while he chose to deploy and take the first turn I managed to seize the initiative.

For the most part I was happy with how I played. The Salamanders really need to deal a lot of damage with the Sternguard and Terminators but with it all being very close range I can avoid it once it appears. I managed to slow the Land Raider down on the 2nd turn but in the 1st turn the Sternguard and Tactical squad killed off a Raider, 10 Kabalite Warriors and the Scourges with Splinter Cannons. Fortunately all my reserves arrived in my 2nd turn while his Scouts and Speeder didn’t until the 3rd and the Dreadnought in the 4th. As such I had a lot of firepower available to kill off units as they appeared and the Incubi took care of Vulcan and the Tactical Squad in the middle of the board.

This was the point where I probably made my largest error as I had forgot about the remains of the scout squad left in some ruins on my right flank. I consolidated the 2 units of Incubi in the Scouts direction with one unit having the Klaivex and 4 Incubi and the other being just the Archon and the Klaivex who promptly got shot from the Scouts sniper rifles and missile launcher. This meant that when the Incubi  got in combat with the remnants of his Terminators a bit of bad luck  meant I lost the other unit too.

At the conclusion in the 5th turn he had nothing left while I had 10 warriors in an immobilised Raider, 1 Scourge, the 2 5 man Warrior squads in their Venoms, The Voidraven and both Ravagers left. For the most part I was quite happy with the list. I’m not too sure about the Implosion missiles on the Voidraven and I’m thinking of dropping one unit of Incubi and boosting the other unit up by a few models and putting them in a Raider instead as I think they’ll just be generally more effective instead of tripping over each other.




Returning to 40k

I’ve not played Warhammer 40,000 properly for long time now. It was actually the game I started off with back at the start of 2nd edition with an Ork army and then Chaos Marines but when the game changed to 3rd edition I lost a lot of interest and was lured over to fantasy battle instead.

That’s not to say I didn’t still play now and then and while a lot of the changes streamlined areas of the game that took far too long (I’m looking at you close combat and psychic power phases) I felt it was a step too far in many ways. Also the increasing focus on Space Marines, as cool as they are, I feel is a little boring for how the game looks.

Things being how they are, there are of course models and armies that have caught my eye in the intervening time (Dark Eldar being the most notable). Combine that with the new edition and I’ve started getting a lot more enthusiasm to get back to playing and painting.

So far I’ve played 2 games of the new edition. The first was using models to represent a Dark Eldar force against a friends Salamander Space Marines and was very much a game to get both of us up to speed on the new rules. As such, a bunch of things were got wrong but it was fun all same and ended up a draw.

The 2nd game was played at my local gaming club and was part of a campaign so ended up 2000pts of my Space Marines against an alliance of Chaos Marines and Orks. This ended up being a loss largely thanks to Ork Battlewagons being immune to my lascannon fire.

Overall I’m quite positive about both getting back to playing and the new edition of the game. Where as before I was looking to probably sell off most of what I had I’m now more looking at how I can turn many of the bits I have around into proper armies again, although I guess it’s debatable if that’s a good thing or not.